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Monitor competitor website changes

Staying up to date with your own business is hard enough, keeping eyes on your competitor’s website is just a pain. Accordably will monitor website changes of your competitors and send you a weekly report highlighting the differences. 

While it should never be the focus of your day, it is still important to be aware of what your competition is up to. A good first step is to set the foundation and complete a competitor analysis.

Once you’ve completed this initial step, then you just need to maintain your competitor intelligence.

Accordably does the work for you and automatically monitors website changes of your competitors so that you can focus on more urgent matters.

accordably monitors competitor web changes

Track competitor pricing page

Pricing pages are notorious for being updated. Whether it be a restructuring of packages or a seasonal discount, being aware of your competitor’s pricing strategy is what could help you close that extra client.

No matter how good your product is, sometimes it simply comes down to pricing. Not saying that you should fight to the bottom, but knowing the environment will help you develop a clear pricing strategy.

There’s nothing better than being prepared, sometimes we only get one chance to close a client, so being as knowledgeable as possible will serve you well. Instead of being blindsided with “well competitor A is cheaper” you’ll be able to explain why they’re cheaper.

Maybe they offer less value or are missing significant features. These are things that will influence your potential customer’s decision, so being prepared with facts is a necessity.

Accordably eliminates this tedious task from existence and does the dirty work for you. If any pricing changes happen, you’ll see it in the weekly competitor report.

Monitor website changes on selected webpages

Every new piece of content and update to existing pages has a purpose. It’s your job to figure out why.

Staying on top of your competitor’s blogs, FAQs and resources, is one window into your competitor’s thought process. You don’t need to copy them, but since you most likely have the same audience, it’s helpful to see what they are doing to engage their clients.

Bookmarking their pages and doing frequent manual checks is a waste of time. When you consider the number of competitors the average business has, this seemingly quick task, becomes quite labour intensive.

Copy and paste every competitor web page that you would like to track and Accordably will do the rest.

Automating this process opens up more time for your team to work on your own product.

Evaluate product changes

Be the first to know.

Sometimes it’s not a new page or product, but a slight change to copy or an updated feature that your competitor adds to their website.

Unless you have a photographic memory it is highly unlikely that you would notice a new sentence being added to a paragraph. However, these small changes can be a clue to the overall strategy.

Setting triggers will allow you to stay in the loop without needing to commit any time to stalking your competitor’s web pages.

Being prepared with complete competitor product knowledge is what will help you close deals, rather than using the famous “let me get back to you on that.”

Start tracking your competition today.

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