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Filtering your timeline

Your timeline is where you see all your competitor’s actions.

The Accordably dashboard gives you the ability to quickly filter this information and find the exact information that you need.

Easily manage what posts are visible

Our simple toggle system lets you quickly filter down exactly what channels are visible.


Sort posts by time or engagement

By using the toggle in the top left corner of your timeline you can sort by either the posts the had the most engagements or the most recent.


Organize posts even further

Accordably has three further filtering options that make finding what you’re looking for that much easier.

  • You can “Expand all” to see previews of every marketing activity from your competition
  • By ticking “All competitors” we combine all posts into one feed that will show you the most engaging posts across all your competition
  • If you’d prefer to keep posts organized by competitor, then the “Grouped” option will organize accordingly.


Easily change the date range

Quickly see how posts compare across different durations by toggling the date range.