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Competitor marketing reports straight to your inbox.

Stop wasting time manually checking your competitor’s website and social media channels.

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accordably competitor tracking
accordably monitors competitor web changes
Centralize competitor intelligence

Monitor website changes.

Be the first to know of changes to your competitor’s pricing, new content or updated features.

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Stay on top of social.

Track what your competition is posting and see what’s engaging their audience. All packaged into a tidy weekly report.

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Only see what’s important.

Accordably filters through your competitors’ marketing channels and shows the information that you need to know. We aren’t here to waste your time.

Track website changes

Be the first to know when your competitor updates their website and what changed.

Monitor social accounts

Skip the fluff and see the social media posts that are engaging your competitor’s audience.

Weekly reports

Receive competitor marketing reports that summarize all the important posts of that week.

Intuitive dashboard

Dive deeper into your competitor’s marketing activities and find additional insights.

Quick setup.


Set up your company profile by inserting your business’s website.

Tell us your competitors.

We need to know who we are tracking and what pages are important.


Wow, that was easy. Now just sit back as Accordably does the grunt work for you.

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